Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is suited to a number of people hoping to improve the appearance of their teeth. Modern advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible to achieve a perfect smile. Here at Waverley Smile Clinic, we can provide a number of cosmetic treatments which can create your desired result.

Patients are encouraged to have a consultation with their dental surgeon at Waverley Smile Clinic so we are able to assess all patients individually. We may do this by taking photos, X-Rays and/or study models. With this information, we are able to establish the best treatment options.


Bleaching can quickly and effectively brighten teeth that are discoloured or stained from the effects of drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. Waverley Smile Clinic offers the latest in whitening techniques that takes approximately one hour to deliver or a bleaching system that you can take home. Discuss with us the best way we can brighten your smile.


The appearance of chipped, broken and cracked teeth can be improved by bonding a tooth coloured filling material to your teeth. This helps to strengthen and protect your teeth. We are able to change the colour and shape of your teeth with this treatment.


Veneers are custom sheets of porcelain material that can restore a smile to a more desired look. Veneers are used to treat spaces between teeth; worn and chipped teeth; antibiotic staining; or crooked, poorly shaped teeth. This is a procedure where a small amount of tooth is removed to place the porcelain shell. Veneers are used to align and adjust colour to deliver a significant improvement to your smile.


Crowns, also known as ‘caps’, are ideal for protecting the remaining root and tooth soft tissue, restoring the normal shape and size of teeth as well as enhancing the appearance of damaged teeth. A crown is designed to strengthen teeth that are damaged, worn or prone to breaking. For example, after a root canal procedure is performed, a patients teeth are brittle and a crown is required.

There are many forms of crowns but the most common two types are porcelain fused to metal (a metal casing that is covered in porcelain to match your existing tooth colour) and an all porcelain crown (mainly used for anterior teeth). They can cover and support a tooth, attach a bridge, protect a weak tooth from breaking, protect an already broken tooth or cover an implant.


For any enquiries or more information on cosmetic dentistry, please contact the Waverley Smile Clinic on tel: 03 9560 9573 or email: