Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a set of four teeth that erupt into the back four corners of the mouth. This usually occurs between the ages of 17 to 21. When wisdom teeth are well-aligned and do not cause any problems, they do not need to be removed. However, a wisdom tooth may need to be extracted if:

  • The tooth is partially erupted and bacteria enter in and around the tooth causing infection, pain and swelling;
  • The tooth is poorly aligned and causes damage to the adjacent tooth;
  • The tooth is resulting in damage to adjacent teeth.

Wisdom teeth may alter the alignment of straight teeth. Therefore it is important (particularly for orthodontic patients) to have regular check-ups to prevent wisdom teeth from doing so.

Waverley Smile Clinic offers the options of having treatment under general anaesthetic in hospital at either Waverley Private Hospital or Monash Medical Centre.


For any enquiries or for more information on wisdom teeth, please contact the Waverley Smile Clinic on tel: 03 95609573 or email: info@waverleysmileclinic.com.au